Health & Patient Safety Lab
Gianpaolo Fusari and Jonathan West
Research partner: Medical Defence Union

There is no UK standard that regulates the contents, shape or materials of the home
visit doctor’s bag. Treating a patient in their own home, away from an ideal clinical environment presents its own logistic and hygiene complications. These may affect the doctor’s ability to deliver care and could also jeopardise patient safety. This project with the Medical Defence Union set out to develop a doctor’s medical bag fit for 21st century practice.

By shadowing GPs during home visits and engaging in conversations with clinicians and patients across a variety of environments, the design team analysed and mapped the typical cycle of several patient home visits, focusing on the different tasks and equipment used. Key areas of focus were hygiene, information, equipment failure, security and clinical expertise. The design concept to emerge from co-creation with clinicians is a bag that will provide a suitable working station for the GP for use both in the surgery and in the patient’s home. This will contain all the typical equipment needed during a consultation, as well as a working surface to prepare drugs and display information. This project will now go into a second year of development.

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