My project for Concepts in Motion Media class at SCAD
Fall 2012

We had create a 15 second network identity (those little logo/theme animations that are sprinkled through TV commercial breaks) for our choice of the following networks: IFC (Independent Film Channel), Sundance Channel, Food Network, National Geographic, or CMT. I chose IFC because I love the quirky branding and programming that they have. I took audio samples from a few of their original and syndicated shows to characterize each letter of the logo. The low frame-rate hand-drawn animation aesthetic featured in indie films like Napoleon Dynamite and Juno encapsulated the network's offbeat weirdness for me. IFC's slogan is "Always On, Slightly Off."

Shows sampled: 1. Portlandia, 2. Arrested Development, 3. The Whitest Kids U Know
Everyone go watch the "Put A Bird On It!" sketch now!

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