This animation was produced in order to communicate the atmosphere that the project could have due to its complex program, location and orientation. Also to experience-explore design options during design development.

Animation and Project Credits
Design Architect: Paul Cremoux W.
Project Team:
Ricardo Camacho
José Antonio Lino
Anna Giribets
Revit + Lumion + Adobe Premiere
Animation by PAUL CREMOUX studio
Music: by Paul Cremoux Wanderstok
Construction by Fermín Espinosa
Factor Eficiencia.


A monolithic volume is transformed in order to attain luminous indoor spaces. A black pale stone material at the exterior facades is contrasted with the soft beech wood finish, achieving great definition and special discovery. Design within a small plot of land (170m2), the construction rises looking south to the vertical vegetation garden wall. It is a 3 stories high assembly where the main patio is to be found at the second level, follow by a small lecture studio.

This area is intent to transform radically the notion of “open garden patio” since there is not really space to ensure a ground courtyard.

We would like to think about vegetation not only as a practical temperature-humidity comfort control device, or as a beautiful energetic view, but also as an element that acts like a light curtain, accomplishing the idea of a theatrical dramatic plane, where more space is to be found at the back.

CorManca Project is an architectural design by PAUL CREMOUX studio.

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