The Kazakh people living in Mongolia have theirs own tradition, one of them is the eagle hunter. They's catch the noble bird in the nest at early age, they's feed and trained many years. When is ready they's launch the predator starved in the prairies. The eagle gone come back with a small prey, coyote, wolf, marmot. The eagle hunter dressing in a traditional suit, they just need to find the right spot, a nice premonitory and make magic happen. We are in Terelj National Park, where landscape are breathtaking, evoking the fabulous Altaï Mountains at the border of Kazakhstan and Mongolia.
Product: TV idents MongolTV
Client: Nomin Chinbat, MongolTV Senior VP, Group Company Gatsuurt
Executive Producer: Michel Rodrigue, The Format People, LA
Producer and brand strategies: Marc S. Grenier, Baroque
Creative direction : Christian Langlois, mémoire liquide
Art direction and SFX : Charles Bertrand, Fly Studio
Film Director: Christian Langlois, Les Enfants
Director of Photography: Francois Dutil
Assistant camera: Chloe Giroux Lachance
Editorial: Miguel Raymond
Color grading: Charles Bertrand, Fly Studio
Motion design, animation and post production: Alexander Lapointe, Mathieu Lalumiere, Jean Marc Laurin, Fly Studio
Music: Mathieu Lafontaine

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