Prior to watching this video you'll need:
1. at least three images created by placing a series of gels atop the lens during the photograph.
2. 1 Red Gel image, 1 Blue Gel image, 1 Green Gel Image
3. set the camera to color mode for the exercise

Here's the entire project as I presented it in class:
Class Demo: Three Color Separation : Using Colored Gels to create a full color image!
1. Set Camera to Full Color! No more Monochromatic!! This is super important! Grab a tripod from the lab, and/or find an extremely stable surface to work on. Set camera to AV - ie. Aperture Value, find a suitable aperture for your subject matter—the larger the aperture (f/22) the longer your shutter will be, smaller f/5.6 will have a quicker shutter, so you may be able to hand hold. Aperture values will change w/ each gel color you use. Green is dense and requires a more light through the cam > see below
2. Take a walk. Find a scene that has a lot of diverse colors. Make three photographs; one w/ each color gel atop the lens: 1 Red, 1 Green, 1 Blue. Got it? That’s one set, you’ll need three more scenes.
3. For the next set of images, change your location. Try hand-holding the camera, or moving it slightly on the tripod between each image. Experiment, but remember you only need three photos of each scene: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green.
4. Import to lightroom > Import your 4 sets of 3 images = 12 total images
5. Open the “” video file under the demo folder > get your headphones out, or rent some from the lab. Follow the steps in the video. And GO!

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