Curated by Mark Chamberlain, BC Space Gallery is proud to present a mixed media exhibition, Capital Crime$. Capital Crime$ is intended to reveal the enormously destructive role that money--and the power it wields--increasingly play in our culture.

Historian Thomas Frank has sounded the alarm loudly and often. In "It's a Rich Man's World," his April 2012 essay for Harper's Magazine, Frank writes, "Over the course of the past few decades, the power of concentrated money has subverted professions, destroyed small investors, wrecked the regulatory state, corrupted legislators en masse, and repeatedly put the economy through the wringer. Now it has come for our democracy itself."

The question we asked these artists was: Do you have anything to say about this dire situation and would you like to add your voice to the debate?

Participating Artists include - - Lev Anderson Stephen Anderson Roger Armstrong Mariona Barkus Haley Blatte Glenn Brooks Jerry Burchfield* Sandra Jones Campbell Tim Carmody Bill Collins Mark Chamberlain Paul Darrow Jessica DeStephano Frank Dixon Jorg Dubin Shapard Fairey* Jeffrey Frisch Arie Galles John Gardiner Jacques Garnier Gina Genis Larry Gill Jeff Gillette Trish Harding Andrea Harris George Hermes Ray Jacobs* Eric Johnson* Rob Johnson* Lynn Kubasek Tom Lamb Thinh Le James Lerager Mark Leysen James Lorigan Joella March Daniel Martinez* Marshall Mayer Douglas McCulloh Vincent Mitchell Scott Moore Beverly Naidus Walter Reiss Andrew Savulich* Karen Schwager* Jorge Sicre Ken Slosberg Clayton Spada* Pat Sparkuhl Glenn Stern Jim Stone Eric Stoner Scot Sothern Darya Sohl Janice Tieken Arthur Tress Roger Van Ouytsel Lynn Weiser Andy Wing*

*Courtesy BC Space Collection

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