Deu 32:1 "Hear, oh heavens, as I speak! Listen, earth, to the words from my mouth!
Deu 32:2 May my teaching fall like rain. May my speech condense like dew, like light rain on blades of grass, or showers on growing plants.
Water has three states of matter solid, liquid, gas. In verse 2 there is three types of water spoken about. We will look at these words biblically to see how they were applied then and how the water applies to us today. There is a profound message that Yehovah is giving the Hebrew people right before they take possession of their inheritance. This message has 4 sections to it. PART 1: THE THREE PARTS OF WATER. PART 2: PERVERTED GENERATION. PART 3: REPAY. PART 4: THE BALANCING SCALE.
As the message builds from a Hebrew roots understanding of the three types of water spoken about in Devarim you will notice something. How you need these types of spiritual water to grow strong in the Lord. The key to the water understanding is, if you do not understand the water then you will become a perverted generation. We will see how Messiah’s words parallel our society today, and what signs we see and what lies ahead. After that understanding of part 2, we will look at our repayment schedule in section 3. Finally, we will see how our King never changes. We will look to see if we have enough spiritual money to make the scales balance in our favor to get into heaven. In addition, it is not good enough to say, “I love jesus”. We will see what happens if those scales do not have enough spiritual money.

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