This video was made by participants of Gathering Wastelands: Going Further Than Ruin Porn, a workshop run by Pidgin Perfect at the European Architecture Students Assembly (EASA) 2012 in Helsinki. "Feelings of Pasila" covers the activities of one half of the participants, engaging the community of Pasila with the theme of wastelands, getting them to think differently about space and place through creative engagement techniques.

Over the course of two weeks at EASA012 Pidgin Perfect delved into the reasons, both universal and unique, for the Wastelands of Europe, going further than obsessing over the superficial beauty of dereliction and ruin porn.

Our participants were introduced to the idea of ‘going further than ruin porn’, discussing why we (architects, planners and communities) need to avoid typical and clichéd responses to wastelands and how we could create new ways to get people to think differently about their wastelands.

Pidgin Perfect then worked with a select group of architecture students from across mainland Europe to examine how wastelands came to be, the effects they currently have on European cities and the importance, and impact, of public engagement in the regeneration of wastelands.

Following this the participants travelled to Pasila, identified as one of the four main areas in Helsinki undegoing large scale transformations and strategic development. Here, the participants experimented with creative engagement techniques to develop authentic responses to wastelands and ‘stalled sites’ across the continent.

Their activities involved mapping, dream collages, emotion masks and other creative engagement tools to generate an energy and exctiement amongst the public for the future of Pasila. This work formed the basis of the first Gathering Wastelands exhibtion at the World Design Pavilion, Helsinki, continuing the conversations around of the future of Pasila with a wider audience.

Gathering Wastelands culminated in two exhibition and presentation days at the World Design Pavilion in Helsinki, the 2012 World Design Capital. At the World Design Capital Pavilion, Pidgin Perfect, the participants, and guest lecturer, Jude Barber of Collective Architecture, collaborated with Demos Helsinki to present our compiled research, ideas and experiences of wastelands back to a global audience.

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