DenizBank wanted an interactive campaign that not only reflects their leader position in agricultural credits among private banks, but also brings the brand closer to potential customers through entertainment, and encourages credit card applications.

Following the success of Farmville, which merged the farming concept of older games like Farm Town and Harvest Moon with the viral quality of Facebook, we decided to build a game in the same genre on a relatively smaller scale, but with twists customized to DenizBank.

Reinforcing DenizBank’s origins as the “Bank of the Seas”, and their ongoing advertising materials, we staged our game on an island.

Players are able to plant, harvest and sell produce, as well as customize their islands, earning “Sea Coins” and “Experience” to purchase new crops and decorative items.

Unique to our game, is an Open Bazaar with instant offers for random products that are sold at better prices than at the regular market, upping the thrill factor. Meanwhile, a DenizBank branch on the island promoting real products and revealing in-game bonuses daily ensures sustained brand experience.

Key social elements extending brand exposure are the island’s Workers, selected by the user from among Facebook friends who agree to join in. The more workers, the faster and more efficient the user’s production becomes.

Overall, we created an addictive simulation set to provide a long lasting bond between user and brand, reinforced by the social sharing, viral and game play possibilities available on Facebook.

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