Project Name : Barbie Diaries
Status: Digital Compositor
Software: Autodesk Maya, Digital Fusion and Discreet Combustion and apple shake
O/S: Windows XP

Project Description:
A Barbie Diaries is a 3d animation Full movie Client from Curious Pictures DQ/E.

I was responsible for the compositing task which includes character and environment and color correction and Roto paint and visual effects for this project during my job at DQ Entertainment LTD.

My work was compositing Layer pass Background and foreground with Character Layers beauty pass, reflection pass, Shadow pass, Effects pass An effects pass might be an optical effect, such as a light glow or lens flare, or a particle effect, such as a cloud of smoke, Rain, Depth pass for create atmospheric perspective called Depth of Field. During compositing Character penetrated with clothes and Hair and body Make sure roto paint done and sometimes roto for eye boll specular and reflection Pass Finally Color correction.

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