If you are like most people, there’s probably something you’ve been eyeing to buy. But sometimes you just can’t afford to get them straight away. So what do you do when you know you really want them? Use what’s left in your account to get them and make sacrifices until next payday? Or use your credit card and deal with the repayments and interests later?

Well, now there’s a smarter way: the Third Way of Shopping.

For those things that seem a little out of reach, you can start saving for them with Dream Jar.
It’s easy. It all starts with RM50 or more, and with a little planning anything is possible. You can have more than one Dream Jar to help you get all those things which will make you happy, and when you do get them, we’ll reward you.

It’s simple, credit-free and the smartest way to shop.

Discover it all at thirdway.my

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