The Speech Karaoke – as the name suggests – works in a similar way to a traditional karaoke. Instead of choosing between songs from a booklet, the user chooses between speeches. Within a relaxed atmosphere one can listen to speeches delivered by other karaoke bar guests – or try out how it feels to interpret someone´s speech.

Speech Karaoke is a constantly expanding project. When the Speech Karaoke arrives to a new city, local speeches are added to it.

The project was created in Finland, the promised land of karaoke bars.

Information for hosts:

Speech Karaoke can be shown as part of an exhibition, in that case the opening guests and later on the spectators of the exhibition are the ones using it. Another possibility is to make an one time event.

Please, load introduction pdf from here.

Info for workshop participants:

The Speech Karaoke workshops are usually held 1 week before the speech karaoke bar evening. New karaoke videos are made based on the contributions of the workshop participants. Anyone can come to the workshop with a speech. It can be a speech relevant to local history, but it can also be any other speech which has touched or provoked the participant – for example his / her own wedding speech! The Speech Karaoke Work Group helps the participants to design a karaoke video for the speech.

The highlight of the workshop process is of course the speech karaoke evening, which takes place after the local karaoke videos have been finalized and added to the system.

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