Learn how Ascertia ADSS Server with its Go>Sign technology can be seamlessly integrated inside Microsoft SharePoint to view, digitally sign and verify your documents. With this solution the document approval workflows are managed from within SharePoint as normal, however at the time of viewing and signing a document the ADSS Go>Sign component is automatically involved using an Ascertia SharePoint plug-in. The same process can also be used to prepare the document for sign-off, by drawing blank signature fields intended for different users. .

ADSS Go>Sign Service supports both local signing (e.g. using smart card or secure USB tokens held by the user) and server-side signing using unique PKI keys for each user. The final digitally signed PDF document is standard compliant (ISO 32000-1, ISO19005-1 and ETSI PAdES) and can also verified successfully in Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

ADSS Go>Sign created digital signatures are advanced long-term digital signatures containing both the signer's certificate status as well as a trusted timestamp information to prove the exact time of signing – such signatures can be verified even after the signer's certificate expires. This is essential for documents which need to be verifiable in future.

This solution allows your users to digitally sign Microsoft Office as well as PDF documents from a central place, without the need to deploy any software to the user's desktop. Implementing SharePoint document signing using advanced long-term signatures has never been so simple!

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