Up in the Air Media was approached by the Union Milnerton Rugby club to create a promotional video. The intention of the video was to show potential sponsors what the clubs facilities look like and also where they can advertise. This is the final video but with a few minor changes.

We really enjoyed working with the Milnerton Rugby Club and we want to thank them for considering us to help with the video. We especially enjoyed the night flying, even though once or twice the rugby balls came pretty close to the action in the sky. Special thanks goes out to Mauritz Engelbrecht for all the help in setting up the days we could film, especially the day where we could film the WP woman in action was really great.

Location: Union Milnerton Rugby Club

Pilot: Andre Crawford

Camera Operator: Janine Crawford

Equipment: The Aerial Platform is a MultiRotor Helicopter capable of carrying a Digital SLR camera or video camera on a self stabilized Gimbal. The MultiRotor allows Up in the Air Media to get really close to the action, much closer than a full size helicopter at a fraction of the cost. The entire platform is electronic so it is very quiet and environmentally friendly. With this Aerial Platform previously difficult and expensive shots are now within reach.

Up in the Air Media

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