Update! The second part of the session is out: vimeo.com/56643555

Recue X Jolea is a live project continuing where 'Do Not Disturb' (vimeo.com/39731297) left off. Performing with sampled vocals left a spark that the concept needed to be pushed further. I’ve worked every now and then with Jolea on various projects, so asking her to work with me on a live set with her amazing vocals was just the logical way to proceed. We've build a live set basing on completely new material combining it with both of our personal work. 'In the Attic' is a rehearsal session we recorded at a gloomy penthouse/loft during a rainy September afternoon extending to late night. The first cut from it is a track called Blame.

You can download the track for free on: soundcloud.com/recue/recue-x-jolea-blame
More information on the whole project can be found on recue.net and audiobaum.com

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