It’s amazing to see two different worlds come together so wonderfully.

Dan grew up in Pennsylvania. Priyanka was born in India. Their backgrounds, cultures and traditions couldn’t be more different. And that’s what makes them the perfect match. Dan speaks of how Priyanka gives him purpose. Priyanka talks about how Dan centers her. They inspire each other to be their best selves. You can see each of them light up when the other one enters the room.

When we met Dan and Priyanka, they told us that they wanted their wedding to reflect both of their cultures and the day was a rich melting pot of traditions. For the ceremony, Priyanka was striking in the rich, vibrant colors of her Indian lehenga and later, she emerged for the reception looking elegant in a traditional white gown. It was a day where bow ties blended with henna. Guests gathered in front of the fountain at Tupper Manor to watch a beautiful Indian ceremony that concluded with Dan and Priyanka making the most heartfelt and moving marriage vows to each other. Each beautiful and disparate piece came together to create something that was greater than the sum of its parts.

It was the perfect reflection of Dan and Priyanka– two people who are very special in their own right and who make something even more incredible when they come together. So enjoy the beautiful joining of their two worlds:

We worked with a top-notch team at Dan and Priyanka’s wedding and wanted to give some shout outs:

- First and foremost, we were fortunate to be introduced to Dan and Priyanka by their event planner, Edna Dratch-Parker of EFD Creative Event Planning and Design (efdcreative-events.com/). Edna brought the whole day together and her talent made the already gorgeous Tupper Manor (wyliecenter.com/tuppersite/) in Beverly, MA look extraordinary and magical. This is the first of 3 weddings we worked in with Edna this season and we’ve been blown away by her creativity, vision and endless energy. She makes the whole day so much fun.

- We loved working with Dave and Jo from Allegro Photography (and not just ’cause we lurve working with other husband and wife teams but also because they’re super talented and wonderfully collaborative). Check out their engagement photos of Dan and Priyanka, taken in the couple’s Brooklyn ‘hood: allegrophotography.com/clients/2012/priyanka_dan_eng/index.html

- We also wanted to give a shout-out to DJ Raffi (djraffi.com/weddings/) who kept the crowd moving– especially Dan and Priyanka who didn’t seem to leave the dance floor once they got started!

The music in the trailer is the instrumental version of a song called Fireflies by Marie Hines, licensed through themusicbed.com.

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