This is a surveillance video of a Postal carrier that maced my two small dogs in our dog-friendly commercial building. This mail carrier was not our regular carrier, she was a common substitute to our facility and was very aware that we had furry friends on our premises. She was told on numerous occasions that all deliveries are to come to the side of the building where our shipping/receiving department is, not through the retail storefront/reception area.

This is the true facts, nothing left out.

You will notice in the video that the door opens and stays open. When our doors open, a chime goes off. When our dogs here the chime, they run to greet whoever is coming in (Fedex typically gives them treats). That wasn't the case this time, and I am getting mad writing this.

Notice the can of mace is already in her left hand when she walks in. She knew the dogs were on the premises. They dogs come running up to her, like they always do, but this time she starts screaming! She sprayed both dogs over an area covering 90 square feet (6'x15').

At the time I had no clue what had happened. I jumped up and went out front to see both dogs pawing at their faces and they walked passed me. I thought she hurt them somehow. I was pissed, no one hurts my dogs.

I approached the carrier and asked her what happened and she says nothing. I then asked her if she hit or kicked my dogs, she says no. I asked her if she sprayed them with something, she says no again.

All I got was one word answers out of her.

I said "both of my dogs are pawing at their faces like they are injured, did you do anything to my dogs", she says no again and then says that one of them bit her. I was in disbelief and said "One of them bit you???" She says yes and moves her arms up and her ankle towards me and points at a mark on the front of her shin. I was in disbelief but I apologized and ask her nicely to come in the side of the building with deliveries, again.

As she walks out, you will see her look down at the carnage she left behind. I walk back in to see the dogs and both of them are still pawing at their faces. Booker, the little MinPin, his eye is swollen and watering and Trooper, the Boston Terrier Pug, is extremely wet.

I am livid.

I run out front and she was already gone, exiting the property in her evil wagon. I bathe the dogs immediately.

I then go to speak with the Postmaster General for the area and she told me she would come out to the facility. A few hours later the driver/route director comes out instead. He sticks up for the driver and says the substitutes don't remember specific addresses and some other defensive nonsense (she walked in with the mace, don't tell me she didn't remember where she was!). He also says that he will not pull her from our route. Then he tells me that the same carrier was bit by a dog a couple weeks prior. He continued to defend her like a game? Needless to say, the conversation didn't go that well. At that time I still hadn't seen the surveillance videos.

Once I pull the surveillance, I see that neither of the dogs bit her. So she lied about spraying them and also lied about getting bit! What an evil woman.

Well thanks for reading my rant and watching the video. Our babies are really good doggies and didn't deserve this abuse. Luckily they are both fine and I don't see any future health issues arising from the attack, at least I hope not.

On a happy note, they both now carry their own mace for the next time she tries to come back on their property.

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