We strongly believe that, in order to create beautiful, emotional wedding videos, we need the bonding chemistry with our couples. Not only that, we also need stronger bonding chemistry between the bride and the groom! Serey and Marcus are the most confident and humble couple we've seen. We don't necessarily need all the sweet words to feel the love and Marcus is perfect at expressing his love in his own way. I can't tell you how much I love the speech Macus gave at the reception and how he always looks at Serey whenever he gives her a kiss on her hand, every time! Not many men do this.

The whole experience with Serey and Marcus all started with a chat over Skype! It was also our first time chatting with a bride-to-be over webcam. I knew that Serey was the kind of woman every guy can dream of because not only she is beautiful but also very smart, understanding, and independent. And I knew I was right when we finally got to meet them in person. Serey had this folder that's well labeled and neatly put together, her well-organized planning which made the 2-day wedding go by so smoothly. We felt like we had a wedding planner! :P

This is our all time favourite wedding and was also one of the 2 submissions to the BC Wedding Awards in 2012 (bcweddingawards.com). This wedding was a very unique experience for us; our team loved the Cambodian wedding followed by a Western ceremony at the Brock House. And because we had the opportunity to shoot outdoors in Serey's aunt's backyard on a sunny day, we brought our crane there! All the colours, food and fruits, smiles, and flower pedals were just so beautiful. Most of the guests were not Cambodian but everyone enjoyed every moment as much as it was, special thanks to Serey's aunt for being an awesome MC of the day. She was so good at bringing happiness and joy to the fullest for everyone.

If you love sunset, colourful ceremonies, cute DIY ideas, great speeches, and PITBULL (the singer), then we strongly recommend you to watch this video. It gets better and better near the end! Enjoy it :)

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