We’ve been invited to all these “last party of the summer” for more than a month now. And we don’t quite know if we’re being scared of missing out, or if it’s just another excuse to party, but we felt that we had to go to all of them. That’s not necessarily healthy, but it’s fuck tons of fun. We’ve been to beach parties, house parties, naked parties, you name it! We at 2famous.TV are sometimes 2much into partying!

However, the season is definitely coming to an end, so party your brains out over the weekend; it might be one of your last chances to dance half naked under the moon somewhere before the winter comes to bite you.

Here is a video we did with our friend Johnny. He invited us to one of his legendary PC parties basically because he knows that we can get a party started. And, well, this was no exception. Take a look at this super sexy Beirut beach party.

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