THE SHOOTER'S BIBLE is a controversial, feature-length drama that examines faith, science and tradition against the backdrop of a religiously motivated crime.

Can you be good without god, or is the concept of god the very thing that compels good people to commit terrible acts?

These are the dramatic catalysts of our film, after a mild-mannered family man’s quest for salvation leads to the murder of an abortion clinic doctor. A young witness and two shattered families— that of the slain doctor and the shooter’s own stunned family— must contend with the tragic aftermath as well as an opportunistic televangelist.

As the self-anointed moral crusader inflames the media frenzy for his own greed and gain (transforming shooter into saint and doctor into devil) an atheist teenager, living under the same roof, is the one person who can prevent a second tragedy.

The film is not a pro-life/pro-choice debate, we simply use the abortion clinic shooting as the launching point to examine the real issues that make this subject so volatile in the first place, namely, fidelity to ancient scripture in the modern world. Does it make any sense in the science age? Is religion a source of comfort or of conflict? Is it a source of guidance or an obstacle to intellectual and ethical progress? The Shooter’s Bible scrutinizes this conflict of ideas and ideals through the lens of fear, guilt and hopelessness the characters face down in the crime's aftermath as they all struggle to cope and find meaning in life again.

The script was a Nicholl Fellowship Finalist (a prestigious screenwriting competition held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences) and placed in other highly acclaimed competitions before attracting the attention of director Karen Erbach. An American Film Institute alum, Karen's films have featured two Oscar winning cinematographers and she possesses the creative vision, experience, and passion to deliver a landmark independent film.

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