A documentary film investigating humankind's relationship with horses and the disturbing truths about rescue, slaughter and the current welfare of horses in America.

Please visit our website at HorsepowerTheMovie.com for lots more info, tons of photos, blogs and another teaser video!

OUR GOAL: To educate America on the history and current state of horse welfare and positively impact regulation, training, horse care and rescue – we strongly believe this movie will help align stakeholders and improve the lives of horses. This movie is not a plea to share the opinions of the filmmakers -- far from it -- we aren't arguing absolute positions for or against horse slaughter or any other hot issues. We are passionate and we are “pro-horse”, but we take an objective approach to our research and storytelling.

This is the story of the American horse. Educating people about the state of horses in the U.S. is only part of what we hope to accomplish. This movie is just as much about how we settled the frontier, raised crops, and relied upon and bonded with the horse throughout our history. We want to reawaken people's love of the horse and their passion for connecting with other living beings. Many of us not only lead digital lifestyles that are more disconnected than ever in many ways, but we are also more distant from nature, and especially the horse -- an invaluable character in our history and companion to our nation.

Director / Co-Producer / Writer / Editor - Ry Wardwell
Producer / Writer - Chris Jonason
Director of Photography / Co-Producer / Writer - Sam Nuttmann
Sound Tech - Levi Isaacs
Sound Department - Girard Fleurima

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