'Hijab House: Palais Riviera' Online Fashion Campaign Video for Palais Riviera Collection (2012)

Shot on the Scarlet RED by Andrew Lin. Directed and Edited on FCP7 by Vonne Patiag.

For more information, please visit hijabhouseonline.com.au/

Featured Song:
'Zodiac Shit' - Flying Lotus; from the album COSMOGRAMMA (2010)

Creative Exegesis:
Shot on location at Milton Park, Bowral NSW. The place held an austere exaggerated country manor masque, its grandeur from the flowing hills, maze-like gardens and picturesque gardens. This was filmed deep into the winter, where the vegetation had mostly suffered, and instead of bright colourful flowers we were met with the skeletons of trees, broken branches and faded petals. The shoot was also moved indoors into the pool room, reminiscent of a Las Vegas hotel pool, due to the heavy rain inflicted on the day. What started initially as an exploration into the 'labyrinth' of fashion, set dominantly in the garden landscapes, soon became a creatively impulsive guide to the garments, the limitations actually expounding upon the initial concept, giving it a forward push through its 'journey' motif symbolised by the keys, map and the ticking metronome referencing the timeless nature. It is the seconds during the journey, that exploration and decisiveness that determines fate, that fashion becomes real, it exemplifies, it flows, turns, shines into something more than fabrics. For a moment, through narrative pull, it becomes alive.

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