*These slomo excerpts helped to find back the original shooting locations of MUTABOR III, as preparation for shooting a sequel. We are planning to reconstruct MUTABOR III and the other two games of VIDEOLABYRINTH: TERRA Z by Ilka Lauchstädt and OSHUBB by Mari Cantu.

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MUTABOR III was a multiple choice "Choose your own adventure"- narrative video by Friederike Anders from 1987. 
It included pointscores, secrets, time travel and a personality test. It was inspired by "Dallas" and "Denver" and aimed to subvert the concepts of identity and continuity.

• Hardware: video-8 cassette, XT computer, video driving card, mouse, keyboard, computer monitor, TV 

• Length of scenes catalogue on video: 60 minutes

• Length of one play session: between 15 and 45 minutes

• Number of possible endings: 17
• Team: VIDEOLABYRINTH = Ilka Lauchstädt ("TERRA Z"), Friederike Anders ("MUTABOR III"), Mari Cantu ("OSHUBB"), + Martin Potthoff, Rolf Wolkenstein and Carl Ludwig Rettinger
• Production: dffb (Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie Berlin)
• Festivals: AVE `87, VideoFest Berlin `88, EMAF `88

(interactive mockup of Chapter 1)
(about the reconstruction of VIDEOLABYRINTH)
(about shoppingmalls, identity change and interactivity)

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