Parts 4 + 5 of this series. See #1 + #2 for previous episodes.
Although one is visible in film, their was no PA system being used, usually I would take a feed from any PA system when available, however in this guerrilla situation I had to use my mobile set up, here's how it went down...
I recorded the audio using an akg1000c condenser microphone connected and phantom powered by the amazing Zoom H4 handy recorder.
The mic is visible on video and is mounted on a bog standard mic stand that I borrowed from venue.
The Zoom H4 is visible from time to time in the long distance sr-10 shots on the table behind Raymond.
Audio was recorded in the 44.1khz 16bit wave format.
I edit and master my audio using cubase before syncing it up with audio in video editor. I forgot to record in 48khz format as this is the standard for HD editing so had to do a little extra work to get everything in synch!
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Here's a little pro-tip I learned (from a pro!), if you are lucky enough to get a good recording of filmed event, master and synch it up with video audio, however leave a little of the video audio underlying the mastered edit to give a nice genuine feeling of atmosphere of event that an external recording might not have! Especially good for live gigs or outdoor recording etc.
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I never used this trick here as I feel it doesn't really add to a talk, were the speakers voice is really the only important aspect of audio. That said I feel it still feels a little stuck on, on this video, could have done some more work in that department.

Check back for the next and probably final part of this series, when I will discuss some of the audio, video problems encountered during this guerrilla talk recording.

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