Ryan Payne Wins Inaugural Xcel Supertubes Showdown
June 29, 2009

Jeffrey’s Bay - In what can only be described as perfect waves, Ryan Payne outpointed Warren Dean in a dramatic and incredibly close final of the inaugural Xcel Supertubes Showdown. The surf varied between four to six-foot, and most of the surfers throughout the event were just chasing the tube - the highest scoring move in surfing.

One of the standouts of the day was 14-year-old Dylan Lightfoot, who had been charging the solid surf the previous day. despite putting on a sterling performance he was left agonisingly close to the final, needing 0.4 to advance. Remi Peterson and Steven Sawyer were the two other junior surfers who were invited into the event and both gave fine performances in the challenging Supertubes surf. Head judge Mike Ginsberg also commented on Steven Sawyers’ performance. “Steven was surfing exceptionally well,” said Ginsberg. “He was surfing really tight, and he got the best tube out of the groms, and it was on his backhand.”

Another competitor, Ashley Walter, caught a wave in his heat that he called, “My best wave in seventeen years,” giving more evidence of how good the waves were for the event.

The final comprised consummate barrel rider Deon Lategan, Supers ripper Ryan Payne, legendary Warren Dean and stylemaster Stan Badger. It was long and smooth tuberiding style of Badger that saw him advance into the final, but it left him short in the final 45 minutes and he was relegated to fourth place. Deon Lategan started off strong and fast in the final with some big hooks and long barrels, but he seemed to lose a bit of steam in the second half. During the last 20-minutes it was a full-on duel between Payne and DEan, with both scoring some ridiculous barrels, entering and exiting the tube up to four times on a single wave. on top of this, Payne was belting the lip whenever he found a it of space between tube time.

Towards the end it seemed impossible to separate the two, but a ten-point ride saw Payne edge out the experienced Dean and take the crown and the wildcard into the Von Zipper trials. “It’s the best contest I have ever competed in,” said a stoked Payne. “To have Supers as good as it was with just your mates in the water - we were all winners! I just got lucky and ended up with the contest win as well.”

“It was an amazing event,” said Mike Ginsberg when the dust had settled after the final. “Warren Dean surfed well, but after Ryan’s tube on his last wave he was the clear-cut winner.”

Contest organiser Koffie Jacobs was also pleased with the event, the turn-out, and the support of the local community. “It doesn’t get much better than this,” said Jacobs as the crowds cheered on the ten-point tube ride by Payne.

Final results:
1. Ryan Payne
2. Warren Dean
3. Deon Lategan
4. Stan Badger

Best move: Deon Lategan - Firewire surfboard.

Best barrel: Ryan Payne - Sector 9 skateboard.

Wave of the Day: Warren Dean - R2000 from Billabong

The event was co-sponsored by DaKine, Von Zipper, Billabong, Nixon and Sector 9. Red Bull gave the competitors wings to get out of those deep tubes.

Update ! 18 June 2009

Xcel Waiting Period Extended - Good Swell Wrong Winds

Jeffrey's Bay - Despite some moments of excitement, the swell that was resident at Supertubes over the last two days was not what the organisers of the Xcel Supertubes Showdown were hoping for. The required conditions for the contest to run are a six-foot swell combined with a south-west wind, and this swell and wind combination did not materialise as hoped for. Although the clock is ticking for the waiting period, which ends 21 June, the contest organisers are not too worried at this stage.

"We have decided that should we need to, we will extend the waiting period for the event until the conditions are really good," said Xcel's Koffie Jacobs from Supers today.

"While this swell had some good punchy six-foot sets and even one or two bigger ones, the winds were poor and the waves weren't barrelling much at all."

As we enter into prime season for swell and wind at Supertubes, there are bound to be plenty more opportunities to run the event.

"We don't want to run the inaugural event in average conditions," said Jacobs. "After meeting with the competitors and fellow locals down at Supers it was agreed to wait for better conditions. We want to have the best local surfers competing in the best waves J-Bay can offer "

There will be a heads-up release as soon as the next possible swell has been tracked. Please contact Koffie Jacobs on 0845157026 to register for sms updates.

*The Supertubes Showdown is a speciality invitational surfing contest, and therefore participation shall be by invitation only. Contestants are selected by XCEL, and XCEL's decision is final. All rights reserved.

Xcel SuperTubes " invitation-only" ShowDown

Sixteen invitees representing generations of local J-Bay surfers have been announced for the inaugural Xcel Supertubes Showdown, with the waiting period kicking off 05/07.

From Warren Dean, Craig Els, and other former pros to up-and-coming groms like Bertie Stuurman (champion junior surfer at the recent South Africa Surf Championships) and Dylan Lightfoot, the inaugural event is a prime opportunity for local Supers experts to get experience competing at their home break.

Invitees are competing for an enticing first-place prize of entry into the Von Zipper Wildcard Trials, yielding 3 slots into the main event of the Billabong Pro Jeffrey’s Bay WCT event. The 1-day contest will consist of four heats and a four-man final. The event is presented by Xcel and sponsored by DaKine, Von Zipper, Red Bull, Billabong, Nixon, and Sector 9.

For more information on the Xcel Supertubes Showdown, please contact Koffie Jacobs.

Update :

Xcel Supertubes Showdown Heat Draw

Heat 1
Warren Dean
Ashley Walter
Ari Kraak
Steven Sawyer

Heat 2
Ryan Payne
Stuart Shelver
Dane Morris
Dominique Abersalie

Heat 3
Craig Els
Stanley Badger
Drew Thysman
Remi Petersen

Heat 4
Deon Lategan
Berti Stuurman
Nick van Eeden
Dylan Lightfoot

Video by livethelife.tv

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