Hello Friends and Family! Today is a day we’ve been working and building toward since last Spring. We get to
launch our 40 Days In The Word spiritual emphasis with a preview of all we believe God wants to accomplish in and through us as we open ourselves up to knowing Him and the Bible better. We’re so glad you chose to join us today.

Many of us have questions about the Bible and even some doubts as to its veracity. I mean, who wouldn’t? It makes such huge claims about God and His plan for the world and our lives. This series is designed to help us grasp the Bible more firmly and learn how to understand and apply it to our everyday lives.

A huge component of this spiritual emphasis is what will happen in the many Community Groups as we gather together to discuss what we’re learning. The groups actually start the week of October 21. You can sign up today and secure your place in the group of your choice. Make sure to study the list of groups, pick the top two that fit your schedule, and write the leaders’ names on the Participant’s Card you will find in your program. You can drop it in the offering basket or take it out to the Community Groups tent on the patio.

Please stop by our Next Step Bookstore and look over the books I selected to help us go deeper in our quest to understand the Bible.

Praying for our experience,

Pastor Ron

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