An adaptation of an interrogation scene between Hecuba and Talthybius in the Trojan Women play by Euripedes. Adapted for screen and filmed by myself, Alex Huxley, Jamie MacDonald, Oliver Cavender, Chris Edwards and Dale Wharton.

Wonderful actors are thanks to Josh Bartley (Talthybius) and Lissy Thomas (Hecuba).

Our task was to take a pretty dire script and make it interesting by modernizing the dialogue and setting it like a 1950s film noir, inspired by Sin City. Then we were split into groups to make our own script, film and edit of the play independent from tutors. This edit was done by myself in a group of six taking turns in Final Cut Pro.

My role involved script writing, art direction/hair/make-up/wardrobe, lighting and editing. Sound FX are edited by myself using default sounds in Soundtrack Pro.


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