On the last day of our workshop for the Berliner Festspiele's 'Foreign Affairs' workshop programme 'Exkurs Statt Diskurs', we asked the participant pairs to decide on a psychogeographic strategy to use to walk from our flat to the Berliner Festspiele.
Group 1 (Olive Green dot): a crenellated pattern of streets worked out on a map beforehand, running on the shorter ones, walking slowly on the longer ones
Group 2 (Yellow dot): A series of experiments with intuition and sensation, partly trying to hide from GPS reception, then leading the other (seeing) partner while blindfolded while the seeing partner describes.
Group 3 (Red dot): Ask people passing by which direction to turn at each crossing
Group 4 (Dark Red dot): Find a wide enough street to write words and letters. (not visible at this zoom - partly sucessful)
Group 5 (Purple dot): Following people until they go into a building, then following the next person. A long time spent following the last subject before they had to get back to the Festspiele.

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