Behind the scenes:

We illuminate the nature surrounding us - in which we all are immersed.

Aiming to visualize the energy and life force of nature which is easily forgotten in the fog of urban and digitized society, we intend to remind the viewer of nature's forgotten spirit.

Our way of interpreting nature results in projection of visuals that express pulsating energy fields, streams of luminous organisms and graphical animations of wildlife on to elements of nature in a remote part of a wooded area in Hägersten. By doing so we wish to remind you of the immersion of light and power of our nature.

We had a few guidelines we had to follow. We were giving a 30 second music track and we had to start in a circle and end in a circle.


Victor Hugo Mondragon
Art Director, Animator

Angela Blumen
Art Director, Co-Copy Writer, Production Manager, Animator

Morten Kühl Christensen
Cinematographer, Co-Editor, Technical Director, Animator

Fredrik Hamfelt
Light and Effects Director, Co-Copy Writer, Technician, Animator

Josefine Bärjed
Co-Editor, Camera Assistant, Animator


Calle Lewander
Måns Jacobsson and Ungdomens hus Uppsala

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