Texas Grow! Eat! Go! video on cleaning and preparing raw broccoli.

Vegetables taste good and are easy to prepare. Eating lots of colorful vegetables can improve your health and stop certain diseases. Today we will show you how easy it is to prepare broccoli as a snack.

Broccoli is always a great snack to have on hand because it tastes great raw and provides many nutritional benefits. It provides a large source of dietary fiber to your diet which promotes a strong and healthy digestive system. Broccoli is also a great source of potassium and folate. To make sure you get the best taste and most nutrients, choose broccoli with tight, dark green florets with firm stalks.

Before you begin, make sure your kitchen countertops, workspace and utensils are clean. Before washing the broccoli, wash your own hands to prevent germs. Clean the broccoli by rinsing the broccoli head under cool water. Most vegetables can be cleaned by holding them under running water and rubbing them gently with your hands. If you are washing firm vegetables, like broccoli, use a vegetable brush. Choose and wash only the amount of broccoli that your family can eat for the next two days.

Have an adult cut off the stem from the bottom of the broccoli using a knife. Now, kids can easily pull apart the individual florets.

The broccoli is now ready to be eaten. You can eat it by itself or dip the pieces in low fat ranch dressing for a quick and healthy snack. Broccoli also tastes great steamed or sautéed with some salt and pepper.

To keep your broccoli the freshest, store it in a plastic container or plastic bag in the refrigerator and use within one or two days.

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