LA VOZ DE LOS SILENCIADOS is a radically different vision of filmmaking. An 85-minute silent film that tells the story of modern-day slavery, using non-actors, Brechtian edits, a brutal subway landscape, and the isolation of deafness. Along the way in this manic plot is also a magic penguin.

Inspired by a real New York story, the film follows Olga, a hearing impaired teenager from Central America. Lured to New York City under the false promise of attending a Christian sign language school, she finds herself a slave to an international criminal syndicate. Forced to sell "I am deaf" trinkets on the subway, Olga is trapped inside a nightmare that will not end– and we, the audience, are trapped with her.

Based on the true story of a crime ring that was discovered by New York police in 1997, LA VOZ shatters our ideas of film, storytelling, and sound.

Runtime: 1:49
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