Author Rao Kolluru, DrPH, MBA discusses the major elements of his book, "BEGIN ANEW: Re-setting Your Minds Odometer [00000]."

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Tips for personal success drawn from spiritual influences. Learn to strip away the hindrances from the past and approach every aspect of your life with a new perspective. The PERFECT book for anyone looking for a career shift in this ever-changing economy!

BEGIN ANEW centers on three ideas, the Three Pillars of Personal Renaissance:

1. Declaring independence from the past - re-set your mind's odometer
(enjoy Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of New Beginnings)
(re-set your mind's odometer and start with a clean slate)

2. Discovering who you are (Know thy Self), what you really want
(know your Calling, fulfill your Purpose in life, be your Self)

3. Orchestrating who you are and renewing your brain-mind architecture
(experience personal renaissance, building a rich legacy)

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