Support Your Local Artist Ep. 3

Bboy Saewl – 2012 R16 North American Champion
Crew: Squishydocious

Location: Rialto, Ca

1st – 2012 R16 North America Regional Finals1st place
3rd – 2012 International Hip-hop Dance China
1st – 2012 Royal Bboy Fiesta Seattle WA
1st – 2012 Footwork – Royal Bboy Fiesta Seattle WA
1st – 2011 Soulstyce Hiphop Festival Pico Rivera CA
BBoy “Starvin Sa-Ewl” was born in into this culture we call Hip Hop, looking up to the local the bboy legends that came before him, he hit the local spots and practiced day in and day out to perfect his craft and the rest is history. Representing the Squishy Docious Crew from the Inland Empire CA, He quickly became very good, winning many local and national competitions, Hot Import Nights solo Bboy Champion in Anaheim CA in 2009 was his very first solo competition victory and from then on came more wins. He has been Dancing for about 7 years in that time he trained with local IE competitors such as Battle Monkeys, Circus Runaways, Air Force Crew. He’s traveled around the states competing, cyphering, performing, and showcasing his skills. He’s become a true hero to his community by teaching the local upcoming bboys/bgirls, representing his crew and city at every event and session to the fullest, teaching others whom ever crossed his path the knowledge that was passed down to him. He’s a true Humble, Hard working & Hungry Icon for the scene and represents what being a true bboy is all about.

His resume includes dancing for Kid Cudi, Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, & training with Jabbawockeez/Super Crew.

Directed / Filmed / Edited By EROK (

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