This is my Music Video submission for Conor Maynard's song 'Lift Off' off his first album, Contrast.

After some research, I have noticed that dancers are not used in any of Conor's music videos. As a professional dancer and choreographer, I feel that a number of the 'Contrast' songs are well suited for upbeat choreography in order to enhance the dynamic and energy of the videos. I wanted to show how Conor could be seamlessly connected with the dancers through camera movement and by him doing some basic dance steps.

From a dancer's point of view, the choreography itself is not the most difficult, due to the fact that, although Conor is not a trained dancer, I wanted him to do a few steps without feeling uncomfortable or taking anything away from his vocal performance.

As a whole, I wanted to treat the submission as a real music video, and decided to shoot it from that perspective. I tried to show a story of Conor and his girl meeting and dancing away into the sunset. Although a bit predictable, I think the story is well fitted to the feel and vibe of the song, as well as consistent with what a young man of Conor's age would be doing with his girlfriend. I feel that with a very limited budget, and only 3 locations (the long alleyways, bedroom and the rooftop), I was able to create the idea of Conor being all over town, without us having to shoot at a number of different places, saving time and money.

For the video I used the following gear:

1x Canon 5D Mark II
1x Canon 7D
1x Canon 24-70 EF 2.8
1x Canon 70-200 EF USM 2.8
1x Glidecam 2000 HD
3x Redhead 800 W
1x Bounce

Editing was done in Premiere Pro CS6 and Color correction and grading were done with After Effects CS6.

The video was shot mid September in London and I would like to thank everyone that was involved in the planning and execution of this project. I could't have pulled it of without the help of each and everyone of you!!!

Director: Miha Matevzic
D.O.P: Miha Matevzic
Editing / Color grading: Miha Matevzic

1st AD: WolfgangMwanje
B-roll: Wesley Sahiri

Choreography: Miha Matevzic
Conor Maynard: George Hodson
Dancers: Kane Silver, Jonathan Bishop, Alexandra Schoendorf, Aisling Duffy, Lois Roberts

Special thanks to: Charlene Dinger and Ziga Sotlar

Contact: |


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