Henry Dombey demonstrates how to make an all green, all raw tomatillo salsa. As beautiful as it is delicious. This video was shot as part of the Hourschool Mission Launch weekend.

Here's the actual recipe if you're more of a word person than a visual one:

Tomatillo Salsa

- 1lb of tomatillos (washed and with paper removed)
- 1x avocado
- 5x limes (juiced)
- 1x ripe green jalapeno
- 1x bunch of cilantro (washed)
- 4x cloves of garlic (without paper)
- 1x bunch of green onions (stems removed and washed)
- 1 Tablespoon of olive oil
- Salt and pepper

- Blend all ingredients in batches until smooth. If your blender blades have trouble moving, add some water.
- Combine all blended ingredients and add salt and pepper to taste and olive oil.
- This will taste better the next day after all of the ingredients have had time to marry.

Check out hourschool.com to learn how to make salsa, build a boat, or do just about anything else you might want to do.

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