WRT 200: DIY Publishing
TTH 5:00-6:20 (54292, M002)
Jason Luther jwluther@syr.edu

Don’t wait for someone to distribute your words. Do it yourself.

Blogs, wikis, zines, tweets—the 21st century offers writers multiple ways to publish their work. DIY (or Do-It-Yourself) Publishing is a course in which students will learn how to publish across a broad range of user-friendly platforms.

What does it mean to publish one’s work independently, within particular networks or communities, to be a writer in the digital age? How does DIY publishing affect the traditional ways we’ve viewed authorship and audience? What are the affordances of various media (print and digital) and modes (sights and sounds)? Students will experiment with a range of media and technologies, identify communities and audiences, and match form to purpose, (both) independently and collaboratively.

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