We teamed up with ON3P Skis to produce this special edition version of their Award Winning model, the "Jeffrey" for the 2012 / 2013 season.

Our idea was to bring elements of our world and combine them with theirs. We created a custom duck camo and used a color palette on the top sheet that is composed of dark, cool greens and blues, with bright blue and red accents. The camouflage elements look as if they are printed on a rugged cordura fabric pulling inspiration from the materials and fabrics used in the field. The base of the ski is a seemingly solid blaze orange, which is a nod to the heritage of hunting associated with a duck camo, but upon closer inspection, a herringbone pattern defines the outlines of the "ON3P" logotype on the base.

The ski is branded with 2 small patches, reminiscent of designs found on hunting or workwear ephemera, and is complete with the phrase "Never Ran, Never Will" which ties into our history as a clothing brand that was started, and will always be connected to, the snowsports community.

Reserve your pair today at their web store:


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