With the recent unveiling of Apple's iPhone 5, along the flood of other summa cum laude smartphones: Windows, Samsung, HTC to name a few, we are up to our earlobes in mobile services these days -- and its no more prevalent than in today's financial services arena. Many folks are asking: When are we getting NFC, when are we getting NFC? Well, the only NFC we're getting these days is in the NFL. In the meantime, other established mobile services are being adopted right and left, which is making quite a positive impact in the credit union industry.

To take a deeper look at these life-changing services, we invited Mitek Systems' Daniel Simon on the show to discuss the current wave of mobile technology. Believe me, this is a topic that we could've talked about all day long, as it's incredibly fascinating exploring today's services and then attempting to predict where it's headed. But the really cool thing about chatting with Daniel is that he provided real world examples of how mobile works for the average consumer. I think there's a commercial in there somewhere for one of his credit union clients. So take a few minutes and enjoy the show!


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