Africa’s worst cholera epidemic in 15 years was predicted to rage on through late September and even early October. Instead, cholera treatment units here have folded up, life as usual has restored to the slums, and local nurses are left twiddling their thumbs in government hospitals around the capitol.

Countrywide, cholera cases have fallen from more than 2,000 per week in mid-August to 624 the first week of October. As of Oct. 4, clinics have reported no new cholera deaths. But before the Ministry of Health can declare a win against this year’s cholera, they need to make sure they’re not missing anyone. That's where local volunteers come in.

How Freetown's locals are stepping up surveillance to polish off a deadly epidemic.

Reported by: Mo Scarpelli
Translations by: Osman Bah, Faye Yu
Special thanks Osman Bah for assisting in Freetown.

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