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Date Uploaded: Aug 2nd, 2011
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After many months of planning and organisation, APC proudly presents Medley 2 of 2 for our 2011 Summer Event!! This 2nd Medley contains more songs than the first and generally gives off a relax'n chill feel so we hope you guys will sit back and enjoy! ^____^

Many many thanks to all the talented girls and boys of APC who energetically took part in singing, mixing, organising and graphic designing! The event has been a huge success and we hope this video puts a wide smile across some faces... =D
If you took part or enjoyed this, please share it with your friends and family too and hope everyone's vacation has been a fun and pleasant one!


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Video Designer Complier: bbxcandy501
BB has worked super hard to place the amazing video together *clap clap clap* ^___^

Graphic Designers: Jeipi & allmylove97



1. Lets Go- G20
MIXER: Agitjob
SINGERS: Silv3rT3ar, hainexazien, fujisakura8906, garnetcess, sammi, yummycookiecake88, angelnaykka22, eyes_zan, gaemkyu

2. Summer Nights- Grease
MIXER: Cherrii321
SINGERS: Worldwidemusicmiss, Amy, onlywincy, Cherrii321, hyungbaeeunji, xxLiLLie

3. Brand New Beat- BOA
MIXER: MzDreamii
SINGERS: Fowlergirl, iiHeartkpop, chibiciz, kaoruhyung, MzDreamii, garnetcess, xiahdreams

4. Me- Super Junior M
MIXER: MzDreamii
SINGERS: bbxcandy501, xsoaringfalcon, Me2U001, volleyballrox426, kpopnchips, allmylove97, ivywxy

5. Shining Friends -2R
MIXER: Nisyaz
SINGERS: meikimari, xxlillie, fowlergirl, ivywxy

6. Xin Wo- SHE & Fahrenheit
MIXER: Darkjyn
SINGER: MzDreamii, Cherrii321, tokyostarx3, PiggyMelody, Trisinging
Lyrichopeliveson, Jinhii, xlilselinax, xxlillie

7. Seoul Song- SNSD & Super Junior
MIXER: Fowlergirl
SINGER: kaoruhyung, lilmiszjump10, gaemkyu, earthtoeata, tokyostarx3, xmochii, volleyballrox426, hamsterchi, angelofthewings, samanthaheartyou, hannahhanh90, rainyskies13


*Please don't re-upload any part of this video without consent.
*if you find your name missing or in the wrong song, please let us know and we'll fix it up asap, with some recasting during the process, things get a little messy. Thanks for understanding!

~With many hugs and kisses from all APC'ers and the Administrative Team!

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