Iamikan Art showcases the unveiling of the "Witness without the Veil" .

"Witness without the Veil"

This “icon of competitive nature” was ingeniously architected over 9 months time and is the result of Iamikan’s passionate labor and driven force to manifest a 12 foot in diameter, two-piece interpretation of the lion. It embodies over 3,000 oz. of honeycomb resin that was layered and woven into 12 metallic paints with precise calculations to configure a deep penetrating image of intense reflection.

His desire to create “The Witness” evolved from his own competitive nature, recognizing the primal force inherent in nature’s codes of evolutionary acumen that demonstrate a sustainable intelligence and technology mirrored in human nature.

Perhaps the most compelling level of architecting this piece was to create its transparent and shape shifting imagery that alters dramatically in the natural and artificial light. Its magnanimous layers of paints, colors and depth of resin animate a 3-dimensional radiant entity with life like fur!

Dimensions: 72x72 Diptych
Mixed Media: Oil, acrylic and resin on acrylic glass


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