The use of phishing Trojans to steal game players' passwords is on the rise in a big way: In a single session, gamers can find their computer infected with dozens of malicious files.

In this silent video demonstration, we run a live malicious downloader and watch it pull down the phishers, one by one, then execute and install them. On the left is a list of the running processes, or applications, on the test system. On the right is a list of the URLs from which the downloader obtains its Trojan files.

In the video, about one minute after we launch the downloader, it begins its work. Within about 4 minutes, it has downloaded and installed 42 unique Trojans on the test system. The sole purpose for the majority of these is to steal the passwords for online games.

You'll notice that nothing flashy or even outwardly obvious -- lacking these two tools -- gives notice that the infection process is ongoing. The silent, low-key nature of these installers makes them more effective.

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