The idea to shoot 'lava lamp footage' in the first place came from the TV series 'The Prisoner', wherein they would often have gigantic back-projected film of lava lamps burbling away on screens in Number Two's main control room. I always thought that it was a nice touch, and so I had a videotape stashed away of close-up lava lamp stuff (shot at my father's place in Santa Cruz) which later came to be used for an episode of MW.
Like so many of my shows, this one was meant to be a peculiar and surreal alternative to the other fare available on a Friday night at 8pm; a sort of "What the hell is this??" moment if you were flipping channels, as well as a form of 'party-lighting' that one could run on the TV monitor with or without sound, as a sort of passive lighting effect. Not terribly visually dynamic - but that wasn't the point.
Turn It Up - ! As this is a prime early episode, music-wise. Nice and exuberant early Neighborhood Bass Coalition live-in-studio material from 1996 - '97, with a lot of segues - there are MANY pieces heard here in small chunks. Since this was made before the studio upgrade at the TV station, the mono soundtrack is a bit low-volume, but I found in cranking it up that the songs sounded pretty close to what they should be. Some of it is pretty shredding! The whole thing kinda cracks me up - the very low-key visuals vs. the very noisey soundtrack makes for a fun combo.
(PS) By the way - I think this may be the only episode of MW with NO edits or cuts in the visual portion (after the usual show opening sequence), I believe it runs straight through in REAL TIME.

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