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In situ installation. 2500 independents LEDs with three watch batteries 1.5wc inside, running permanently and distributed organically. Everyone went off to his pace until they were totally extinguished.

What is a generation?

I propose a series of constellations of LED lights that slowly die out as the stars and life itself, finite beings as individual points linked into structures, creating landscapes.

I think the idea of generation has been studied from very indirect points. Jung’s idea of psychic processes in many ways portrays stages where I feel that a society or collective phenomenon occurs as behavior relationships.
Processes in which the community has a historical identity, but so too individuals over time permeate their own individual identities.

¿Que es una generación?

Propongo una serie de constelaciones de luces LED, que se extinguen lentamente como las estrellas y la vida misma, seres finitos que como puntos individuales se vinculan en estructuras, generando paisajes.

Creo que la idea de generacion ha sido abordada desde puntos muy indirectos. La idea de Jung sobre los procesos psiquicos retrata de muchas maneras etapas en las que siento que una sociedad o un fenomeno colectivo sucede como relaciones de conducta. Procesos en los que la colectividad tiene una identidad historica, pero asi tambien los individuos permean en el tiempo sus propias identidades individuales.

+ info: goo.gl/6uNDQ6

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