Title track is from the album, "Ice Castle,"
In Sight
I sit as Ive been taught
By the enlightened ones
Searching for the naked truth
It's been a long road
With many miles already traveled
And many more to come
Will I ever see beyond the veil?
Not just a glimpse precious peace
My mind's always a-chatter
Mired in hopes and fears
Fixed on dreams and desires
Grasping the past
As much as the future
And then there's that grind
The dissolution
Of my body and brain
The gray hair turning grayer
The need for more and more sleep
Sickness and death
Just around the corner
Yet they teach of a freedom
How do I get it?
The answer's in my mind somewhere
Beyond what I normally see
I am told I just have to look
Observe the myriad displays
All fresh and new
As if I were a newborn baby
Or my Calico kitty
The calm does come
Like from walking in the deep forest
Or viewing a meandering stream
And when I feel it
It's like coming home to eat a warm dinner
And rest with my loved one
Any yet it all comes back
Like a Caribbean storm
The need to be permeated
By beauty and fortune
Praise and recognition
The need to be jealous
And angry
I don't want any of that
Not really
But surely I cannot live without my mind
The only way to get rid of the pain
Is to get rid of my mind
I return to the forest
And stand beneath a lone Pine
Its magnificence so apparent
Gentle strength cradles me
Standing below soft green needles
Shimmering in the breeze
I don't think it worries about fulfilling
Its destiny.
It already IS
And then as if by magic
There's no separation
Between me and the tree
I become this tree
The tree is me
I'm clear
Words can't describe this.
And the very next moment I think of sushi and beer
I have a place where I was born
I'm from Kitimat, British Columbia
My last name is Hungarian
My mother is a Schubert from Austria
Im married to someone so near and dear to me
I have places to see and things to do
I want to be an artist
Better yet
A craftsman
No matter how long it takes
I'm all of this too
Of this I have no doubt
And so it is a delicate balancing act
A melding of thinking mind and awareness
Like the ever transmuting clouds above
Dancing with the infinite sky beyond
As lovers feasting on each other
They are one
The trick is and it's a big trick
I must always concentrate
Not so much on the clouds
So as Not to miss out on all that heavenly glory
So they tell me.

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