This video portrays the need, means and fruit of "No Longer Music" - a ministry of Steiger International (

No Longer Music is called to reach the "secularized global youth culture". All over the world, these 17-35 years olds do not typically go to the Church for answers because they believe it to be irrelevant to their lives.

In order to reach them, No Longer Music brings the message of Jesus to where they are at, in their own context, —as modeled by Christ’s example and teaching (See the Parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke 15:1-7 as an example).

Since the early 80s, No Longer Music has seen thousands find Jesus in some of the darkest places imaginable and served as a catalyst for the creation of new ministries, churches and a wave of people passionate about bringing the love of Jesus to the darkest corners of society.

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