Producer of 'Kingdom of Women' & Leap of Faith'

Kingdom of Women
by Amna Ehtesham Khaiashgi
Meena Bazar of Karachi. Any one who's been there would know the feeling of entering a world where women rule, women reign and women serve. From selling laces and footwear to grooming and henna artists decorating hands and feet of women and girls. It is a Kingdom of Women.

Leap of Faith
by Amna Ehtesham Khaiashgi
When a person reaches a stage in life where he feels ready to leave behind generations of faith and a way of life, he must be compelled by a force bigger and more powerful than an average mind can comprehend. Indeed it is more a matter of heart and soul than just the mind. Leap of Faith talks about people of different faith who embraced Islam later in life.

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