1x60min (2012) Observational documentary inside one of Irelands largest government departments, the Department of Education, following Minister Ruairi Quinn and his advisers as they go about the business of trying to run the education system in challenging times

An Intriguing insight into the life of a Minister – EVENING HERALD

Director Adrian McCarthy made dextrous use of the available access to produce a compelling programme that revealed more than was initially apparent.
Inside The Department did feature enough squirm-inducing scenes to encourage other ministers to stick to home movies if they want vanity discs to watch in retirement. LIAM FAY, SUNDAY TIMES..

Inside The Department provided a welcome and stylish insight into ministerial life…. and fascinating stuff this was for sure …..this fly on the wall documentary made for riveting television…... SUNDAY INDEPENDENT.

I did enjoy this. SUNDAY BUSINESS POST.

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