Card Flourishes- Virtuoso: X-men Origins Gambit

"What Gambit should have been." (Well or what we wished he was like as a card flourisher) =p

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"We've all watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine... where Gambit makes a cameo of sorts. Whilst Taylor Kitsch was awesome as gambit, his role wasn't quite the kickass card dude in the cartoons and comics. I mean he barely used his signature playing cards!

With's our little take on Gambit after watching the movie... well... if he did card flourishes.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Footage from

Directed by Gavin Hood

Taylor Kitsch as Gambit

Virtuoso: X-Men Origins Gambit

Conceptualized by Virtuoso aka The Virts: Huron Low, Kevin Ho, and Daren Yeow

Huron Low and Daren Yeow as Gambit

Directed by Huron Low

Edited by Daren Yeow

Filming and Cinematography by Huron Low and Daren Yeow

Card Flourishes created by Huron Low, Daren Yeow, Bone Ho, Dan and Dave Buck, S W Erdnase

Title Track "Gambit"

Composed, recorded, scored and mixed by Roland Lim

Special Thanks to Zarinah Bahtiar, Kevin Ho, and Bone Ho

You may contact Virtuoso, The Virts, Huron Low, Kevin Ho, Daren Yeow, or even Superman, at


about the art of playing card flourishes.

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