This video first appeared on Youtube last year in two parts, but since Vimeo doesn't have a length limit, we can upload Zombie Attack in all its glory, the full thing!
Get ready to laugh as Gene and David take on zombies in hulk masks in Zombie Attack!

Reviews from YouTube:

"lol you guys are awesome at this stuff 5/5"

"These are awesome! The only thing you can improve on is not laughing during videos and sound effects, but still awesome! Do your best!! 5/5 "

"bessssssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" wait he's in the movie. That doesn't work.

Here is the original description we put on Youtube:

Hey Guys! This is probably our funniest video ever, so if you are a a longtime fan of ours, or just need a good laugh, watch this!

Here's who is in the video:
(All usernames are YouTube usernames NOT Vimeo)
Gene: Gate0001 (Camera Man)
David: Blackchidori678
Christian: Killquerty17
Nick: Cmpunk180
Dustin: DreadFeather

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